• Michiel Steeman

Viewpoint: Looking at SCF as a supply chain risk mitigation tool

SCF is well known as a tool for optimising working capital. But we need to think more about its ability to remove many kinds of risks from the supply chain.

Transport for London set to bring suppliers onboard SCF platform

Transport for London treasury executive Robert Pooles told Taulia Connect about the imminent launch of the organisation’s supply chain finance platform.

Carillion to review “red rag” supplier early payment facility

Carillion issues profit warning and announces strategic review that may see changes to the struggling group's controversial SCF programme.

Viewpoint: Supply chain finance plots a course for Latin America

As Latin America becomes increasingly attractive as a trade partner, Oliver Belin says businesses are realising the supply chain finance opportunities in the region.

Why a supplier finance strategy can be a multipurpose solution

For the treasurers and procurement directors at the latest meeting of the Working Capital Forum, a supplier finance strategy was an idea whose time has come.

Research: The seven-sided benefits of supply chain finance

A review of recent research at Cranfield School of Management reveals that the benefits of SCF can be put into seven classifications, says Dr Simon Templar.

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HSBC partnership with GT Nexus to offer SCF in US

Supply chain management platform GT Nexus and HSBC agree partnership to provide supply chain finance programmes for the bank's US clients.

Taulia unveils ‘Polaris’ artificial intelligence SCF platform

Taulia has announced a supply chain finance platform that uses artificial intelligence to help buyers and sellers optimise payment times.

European banks partner IBM for blockchain trade finance plan

Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Rabobank and KBC in consortium that is commissioning IBM to help build blockchain-based trade finance platform for SMEs.

Launch of Singapore fund providing SCF for Asian SMEs

Singapore-headquartered EFA Group has launched a new investment fund specialising in receivables and supply chain financing to SMEs in Asia.

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