The 2018 SCF Innovation award is presented to an organisation that is bringing the physical and financial supply chains together with its innovative approach and technology – Arviem. The Swiss-based business is famed for its end-to-end cargo-tracking capabilities, which provide companies with real-time visibility into the movement of goods through the supply chain.

Arviem is the only full-service provider of real-time cargo monitoring, and is able to provide very accurate information not only on the location but also on the condition of cargoes en route – from the point of manufacture to the point of delivery. It can, for example, detect when container doors have been opened, changes in temperature and humidity and whether the cargo has been subject to sudden shocks.

Earlier this year, the company launched an inventory financing service. Pilot client Rio Mints and Sweeteners – which manufactures in China and sells in Europe and the US – typically has a six month wait between incurring manufacturing costs and receiving payment from customers. The funding gap restricts the company’s ability to fund growth opportunities.

With the new inventory financing model, Arviem buys goods FOB from the manufacturer and sells it CFR to the distributors. This, says Rio, ensures that they receive early liquidity at attractive rates and synchronises the financial transactions with the actual progress of the goods through the supply chain.

Arviem was founded by Stefan Reidy, a visionary supply chain enthusiast who aims to build a seamless digital trade network.

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