iSCf Frankfurt

The 3rd annual inclusive Supply Chain Finance conference (iSCF) will take place on 21st September in Frankfurt. iSCF is the annual gathering of the European fintech industry focused on improving liquidity in today’s supply chains. This year’s edition focuses on Blockchain and its ability to improve the real-time availability of data for supply chain processes. Topics include data sovereignty through projects such as Industrial Data Space, iSHARE and UNBIAS.

Several real-life blockchain practitioner examples will be presented by companies like IBM and Merck, as well as ample possibilities to network with presenters such as Louis de Bruin, European Blockchain Leader, IBM Global Business Services and Dr Thomas Endress, founder of CryprotrACE Merck. The aim is to go beyond the Blockchain hype and to further uncover where Blockchain can be at its full potential. The full agenda is available here.

Each year around 100 representatives of fintech entrepreneurs, financiers, technology platforms, invoicing providers, ERP providers, public policy makers, academics, corporates and SMEs attend the conference and push the boundaries of what’s possible in Supply Chain Finance.

The Supply Chain Finance Community is organising the event in association with Fraunhofer IML and INNOPAY.

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