By happy coincidence, this new book on supply chain finance came hot off the presses in time for the launch of SCF Briefing. Taken together, the three co-authors have a wealth of experience in business and consultancy as well as academia. The result is a book that is comfortable at teaching in a clear, structured style but in a real-world context.

Financing the end-to-end supply chain: SCF - Kogan Page 3
A reference guide
to supply chain finance

By Simon Templar, Erik Hofmann, Charles Findlay

Kogan Page, 348pp, £44.99

Available to buy here. Use discount code SCFB16 for a 20% discount


Starting with the background, the book sets out the working capital management spectrum, looking at the importance of supply chains and the evolution of supply chain management.

The bulk of the book examines current practice, and has many detailed explanatory diagrams, examples and real-life case studies. It explains the role of each of the large number of organisations that may play a part, such as logistics service providers, government and academia, and demonstrates the business case for supply chain finance. Readers are taken through the maze of different supply chain finance models, as well, and introduced to the great number of options and permutations available.

Finally, the third main section looks to the future of supply chain finance, and touching on emerging cultural differences relating to China and Islamic finance. And it doesn’t shy away from some challenging questions such as whether supply chain finance opens up tax avoidance loopholes.

For those who like to test themselves, there are a few end-of-chapter questions and exercises (not all of which have answers – those that don’t are more for provoking thought and discussion). Particularly helpful is the breadth and depth of the references, so readers have plenty of signposts for further study.

This comprehensive book will be an invaluable addition to the bookshelves of anyone embarking on a serious analysis of supply chain finance as an option, as well as for supply chain finance professionals wishing to make sure their knowledge of the subject is well rounded.

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