In 2018, just over 25,000 people visited SCF Briefing to read an article or a piece of news. That’s not many by the standards of  Facebook, but it’s a pretty useful subset of those with a strong interest in supply chain finance.

By using tracking data to see what articles were most accessed, we can get a good idea of the hot topics within our sector. So (drum roll…), here are our top five articles for 2018:

1 – Keeping SCF Trade Payables from being moved into debt

This great article was first posted by Andrew Sawers back in October 2016, and it’s been our top performer ever since. The accounting treatment of supply chain finance programmes remains a key concern for our readers, and that’s reflected in the continuing popularity of articles like this.

2 – 2017 SCF Innovation awards for TradeIX, TrustBills, and Taulia

OK, so this SCF Awards story from 2017 benefits from having been on the site all year, but the continuing interest in it reflects the fact that fintechs remain big news – and these three names more than most. You’ll also find our story about Metso winning the 2017 gold award sneaking in at number 10 this year! Expect to see equal prominence next year for Siemens and our other 2018 SCF Award winners.

3Dealing with the new Dutch payment term law 

The topic of national governments enforcing payment terms is a perennial favourite for our corporate treasury and procurement readers, and this story shows the effect.

4 – Banks versus fintechs in SCF: competing and collaborating

At the 2018 SCF Forum Europe, one of our most popular sessions brought together banks and fintechs to discuss just this issue – but this article predates that debate, demonstrating that the ‘compete or collaborate’ conversation has been around ever since the first fintechs appeared…

5 – Carillion to review “red rag” supplier early payment facility

This was a hot topic at SCF Forum Europe 2018 when Fitch Ratings’ Alex Griffiths discussed his controversial paper on the Carillion collapse  That clearly struck a chord, as so many readers returned to the original SCF Briefing story on the subject.

So, with the broad topic of accounting and balance sheet issues around SCF taking up two slots in our top five, I suspect it’s one we’ll be returning to in 2019, both here in SCF Briefing and at our events in Asia (Singapore, 23rd May), America (Los Angeles, 7th August) and Europe (Amsterdam, 29th November).

Do let us know what you’d like to see more of – and, in the meantime,  Happy New Year!