SCF Leader of the Year Award: Joost van den Hondel

The use of supply chain finance cannot expand if it doesn’t provide a rock-solid business case to justify it. But like anything else in life, cold, rational arguments are not enough. It needs someone with passion and commitment to actively promote its development and adoption if it is to provide working capital benefits to as many companies as possible.

It is fitting, therefore, that the inaugural SCF Awards recognise someone who has done so much for supply chain finance and SCF professionals. The judges were unanimous in awarding the 2016 Supply Chain Finance Leader Award to Joost van den Hondel.

Joost has been the driving force behind [pay me now]. He was instrumental in the on-boarding of the Dutch government for this initiative, which has been adopted by many large companies that recognise their responsibilities towards their smallest suppliers.

Joost led the effort to get 35 large companies and institutions to commit to a pledge to pay small suppliers within 30 days. He organised backing from all the leading national associations and ensured it got the national media attention it deserved.

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